MP3 – Free download We Can Be One – A folk collaboration between Varend Volk, Joint String Friends & Bob Ferguson


This is a folk collaboration between Varend Volk, Joint String Friends and Bob Ferguson. Everybody had a part in the writingproces, melody, singing or instrumental bits. On Monday the 16th of March 2020 Lennart Boonstra from the band Plunder wrote a song from scratch, to unite all people of the world during these hard times. It’s a happy upbeat country song.

We wanted everybody to join in! And asked to make a video of yourselves dancing, singing, playing, miming or anything crazy and send it to us. We made a selection and put it in the final video clip! We hope you’ll enjoy it en make you feel happy in these difficult times.

You can watch the video here:

We Can Be One – lyrics/music (L. Boonstra/L.Boonstra/M. Schilstra)

This ain’t no time for panic or conflict
Anger ain’t gonna save humankind
If we stay calm we can do much more
So loosen up and relax your mind

It’s time to show the world, we can be one
Let’s spread good vibes, it can be done
Even if the earth is burning down
Show the world that we can be one

This ain’t no time to show you’re better than others
A virus does not care who’s rich or poor
Focus on compassion and ignore what makes us fight
Harmony is what we’re aiming for


This ain’t no time to show that rules cannot stop us
You don’t have to prove you’re not afraid
Everything depends on how we work together
Let’s stand together every day



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