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Sicko Hoogterp

DADGAD Guitar, Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Spoons and Singing

Sicko has been part of JSF since 2017. With that he is back, after all kinds of musical wanderings, to his roots: finely cut folk. At a young age, Sicko exchanged the saxophone for the guitar. Soon he is making a furore with folk group Grimbeert, followed by a "rough period" as a singer / lead guitarist in various (Frisian) rock bands. The Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster were swapped for piano and paintbrush afterwards. But the love for acoustic (folk) music has always remained, "I came home to JSF musically".

Nico de Koning

Violin, Viola, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Mandolin

For Nico, making music started early. As a choir boy with the St. Matthew Passion, he became entranced by the cello. At home, the financial resources for such a precious instrument were missing, so it wasn't until puberty that it became a guitar to imitate the Beatles and The Stones. At a later age the violin came on its path, which also aroused interest in Balkan, Klezmer and Irish music. Nico is originally a teacher and also teaches violin.

Sebastian Meijer

Violin, Viola, Vocal, Percussion, Piano and (Bass) guitar

The youngest of the bunch; Sebastian (Bas), is a special case. This talented musician was born in Zimbabwe and almost came out of the womb with a violin attached. There are photos and film material from him, only 4 years old, with a violin in his hands. Name a song or melody he has heard and he plays it! In addition, Bas also plays piano, guitar, percussion and he always sings the harmonies.


Menno Schilstra

Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Bouzouki, Cajon, Bodhrán, Harmonica, Whistles and Sound Technician.

The first introduction to music for Menno was the harmonica at age 8, taken from a school trip to Schiermonnikoog. A few years later he took an interest in keyboard and he learned to play songs on his own. Still something gnawed and through the blues, he finally chose guitar and vocals. Due to the interest in Irish music and especially the sound of the uillean pipes (Irish bagpipe), low whistle and bass guitar were added at a later stage.